AWD prefabricated drains provide a specific engineered response to a particular drainage problem-how to collect and re-direct water away from a structure or site. 

Our prefabricated drains consist of formed three dimensional polymeric cores that are combined with a geotextile filter fabric.  The core offers strength and provides a secure flow channel for collected water. The filter fabric retains soil particles while allowing water to freely enter the drainage core.

AWD prefabricated sheet, strip, combination and wick drain products are designed to provide specific application solutions for the following Markets:

CIVIL SITE & STRUCTURE SOLUTIONS: SITEDRAIN prefabricated sheet, chimney, strip and combination drains provide engineered solutions for a wide range of soil and structural site applications. SITEDRAIN is a versatile and comprehensive product line that integrates AASHTO classified geotextiles to meet the most challenging site conditions while allowing Civil Engineers tremendous design flexibility.

SOIL CONSOLIDATION SOLUTIONS: AMERDRAIN-W prefabricated vertical wick and strip drains work together as a complete system to quickly and effectively consolidate soft, expansive soils to reduce post-construction settlement.

TRANSPORATION SOLUTIONS:  SITEDRAIN prefabricated sheet, chimney, strip and combination drains are engineered to meet the requirements for Highway and Department of Transportation professionals who design highway edge, bridge abutment and tunnel applications.  SITEDRAIN is a versatile and comprehensive product line that integrates AASHTO classified geotextiles to meet the most challenging installation conditions. 

SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS:  AMERGREEN prefabricated sheet drains are designed for Green Roof and Planter applications that require specific soil filtration and root barrier options.  Manufactured with recycled materials, AMERGREEN products are environmentally friendly and can contribute toward LEED design credits.

ATHLETIC FIELD SOLUTIONS:  EXCLEDRAIN prefabricated sheet and strip drains evacuate water quickly and efficiently from synthetic and natural turf athletic fields.  In addition to eliminating soggy fields and reduces play time, EXCELDRAIN offers significant construction savings over traditional stone field designs.  

RESIDENTIAL SOLUTIONS:  AMERDRAIN prefabricated sheet and strip drains function together as a complete drainage solution designed specifically for residential basement walls and foundation footings.  A better performing, cost effective alternative to damproofing and pipe and stone systems.

LANDSCAPE SOLUTIONS:  SITEDRAIN prefabricated sheet, strip and combination drains provide outstanding performance with limited site disturbance for lawn, golf course, curbs, retaining wall and playground applications. Significantly higher water collection capacity combined with easy installation make this product the perfect choice for landscape professionals.

BUILDING SOLUTIONS:  AMERDRAIN prefabricated sheet and combination drains are manufactured to the industry standard for commercial building applications where waterproofing membranes are specified. AMEDRAIN products enhance the performance of waterproofed applications by providing a continuous, uninterrupted flow channel along the structural wall or slab. AMERDRAIN TOTAL-DRAIN replaces the costly pipe and stone perimeter drain and is designed to work with all AMERDRAIN sheet products.