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AWD offers a complete line of fittings that transition collected water to standard pipes.

The Problem

When water is not draining properly in landscaped areas and ponding water occurs, a drainage system is typically the solution to help remove the water.  Traditionally, a pipe and stone system is used to help remove the water.  This system may work but have many limitations:

  1. Limited Collection Capacity - Pipe can only collect water through the perforations and slits around the pipe (~ 5% open space).  When a pipe sock is added, the perforations become even less open due to the fabric cover.
  2. Material Costs - Though materials are fairly inexpensive, transport cost of stone for this system can be costly as well as hauling away excavated soil.
  3. Labor Intensive - Extensive excavation is reqired and skilled labor and/or supervision may be required to ensure correct installation.


The Solution


SITEDRAIN Strip drain is used where a water collection system is needed or full area drainage coverage is not necessary or practical. It can replace traditional pipe and stone for drainage collection systems. 

SITEDRAIN Strip drains are designed to  collect subsurface water more efficiently thana traditional pipe and stone system.  The dimpled core creates a drainage path with more than enough flow area to handle water collected from the soil.  The geotextile fabric creates a filter to allow water to enter into the core and restrict soil fines from entering the drainage core. 



More Open Area - SITEDRAIN Strip drain offer more than a 70% open space for water collection versus pipe which has only 3% open space.

   COST EFFICIENT - Strip drains require less equipment to install and there is no hauling or transport cost for materials.


EASY TO HANDLE & INSTALL - Strip Drain is lightweight, easy to work with and requires no slope to move water.  Only a 2-4 inch trench is required to install.


The Products
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