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AWD offers a complete line of fittings that transition collected water to standard pipes.


The Problem

When building a residential basement or foundation wall, proper drainage is required to eliminate hydrostatic pressure that can accumulate against below grade walls. Native soil is typically comprised of multiple layers that determine the ability of the water to move through the soil. Low permeability soil layers can trap water and create pressure against subsurface walls. Over time, trapped water may find and exploit imperfections in waterproofing membranes and ultimately penetrate through pinholes and weak spots causing leaks requiring expensive repairs. 

The Solution

Prefabricated sheet and strip drains provide a cost effective, high performance drainage solution for basement wall applications. 

Constructed with a molded core and securely bonded geotextile, prefabricated drains provide a continuous flow path for water, eliminating hydrostatic pressure and enhancing waterproofing performance.  

SITEDRAIN Sheet 90 is designed for light commercial and residential basement wall applications where a moderate compressive strength and flow capacity are adequate. The core side of SITEDRAIN 90 is placed against the wall surface with the filter fabric facing the soil. SITEDRAIN sheet drains provide full-coverage protection to waterproofing materials, eliminating the need for a protection board. 

SITEDRAIN Strip 6000 is designed to replace perforated pipe and stone drainage systems in various applications. It provides a significantly higher flow rate as well as increased ease of handling and installation. The product can be used alone or with other AWD sheet products, depending on the application.

SITEDRAIN Sheet & Strip work together as a complete drainage system to ensure your basement stays dry and secure.




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