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SITEDRAIN geocomposite drainage products provide solutions for a wide variety of subsurface drainage problems.  Multiple core and geotextile combinations are available to meet project specific conditions and requirements, including geotextiles meeting AASHTO M 288-06 specifications insuring high performance and high survivability for the most demanding civil and highway construction conditions. For product selection and design assistance please contact your AWD technical services professional.
The Problem
Subsurface accumulation of water against retaining walls can be dangerous and damaging.  Subsurface water creates hydrostatic pressure which exerts additional load that can expose or create cracks and leaks in retaining walls.  In extreme cases the additional load may exceed the structural design and lead to retaining wall failure.


The Solution

SITEDRAIN engineered geocomposite products provide predictable high performance drainage to eliminate subsurface water accumulation.  The formed, polymer core and bonded geotextile retain soil particles while allowing water to freely enter the drainage core and convey to designated outlets.


The Products

SITEDRAIN Sheet 90 Series is designed for retaining wall applications where moderate compressive strength and flow capacity are desired. The geotextile side of the drain faces the soil.


SITEDRAIN Sheet 180 Series is designed for retaining wall applications requiring an increased compressive strength and increased flow capacity.  The geotextile side of the drain faces the soil.


SITEDRAIN HQ Series is an engineered collection and high flow conveyance system designed specifically for use with SITEDRAIN Sheet Series products.  The patented design combines a low and high profile core with a unique core flange that allows a direct connection to the sheet drain.


SITEDRAIN Strip Series is an engineered, value based alternative to traditional pipe and stone drainage systems.  It provides a significantly higher collection rate, comparable flow rate and increased ease of handling and installation without the cost and aggravation of stone.


SITEDRAIN HQ Series and Strip Series products can minimize or eliminate weep holes by re-directing water to designated outlets.



AWD offers a complete line of fittings to connect your engineered geocomposite drainage system to traditional conveyance pipes.




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