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The Problem

Sustainable initiatives to promote Green Building, the excitement to make useable space of existing rooftops and/or new roofs to allow additional living space has become a significant consideration in global design.  Products that are light weight, offer recyled content and contribute to stormwater efficiency are in demand.  Traditional drainage systems using pipe and stone are not feasible or cost effective for Green Roof construction applications.

The Solution

With the increasing emphasis by many Federal, State and Local agencies regarding environmental awareness and rising demands for clean air initiatives, a conventional roof is a wasted opportunity. The GreenRoof System is a natural way of providing additional clean air through the transference of CO2 and oxygen between your plants and vegetation with the atmosphere.

The AMERGREEN system has three distinct advantages over sand & gravel:

WEIGHT - The 1" or 7/16" thick drainage core in the AMERGREEN system weighs 4-10 oz/sq ft vs. about 35 lbs for a 3" thick layer of gravel.

WATER STORAGE- The plastic cones of the prefabricated core provide positive water storage reservoirs. Sand & gravel may hold some water or it may mostly drain out.
AERATION - The open channels in the prefabricated drain core provide air to the plant roots.



The root barrier filter fabric allows excess water in the growing medium to drain while preventing small particles in the growing medium from moving into drain core.  It also provides the following function:

Allows air flow to the growing medium 
Keeps roots from penetrating the roofing membrane
Keeps roots from entering the drainage/aeration layer
Keeps roots from entering the water storage reservoirs. 

The root barrier can be a physical barrier or contain a natural root inhibitor treatment that is designed for more aggressive vegitation.  While many systems place the root barrier under the drainage layer, AMERGREEN products design the root barrier at the most effective locationfor system performance-above the drainage layer and in direct contact with the soil medium. 


The molded drainage core provides three essential functions.  The perforated core design allows for the drainage of excess water from the growing medium to prevent drowning and root rot. The back of the molded dimples provide water storage for plants.  The three-dimensional design provides a continous, open air space for aeration that creates a healthy plant environment.


Protects the waterproofing membrane and prevents intrusion of materials into the water flow channel.

The AWD AMERGREEN Roof Garden system provides elements for root penetration protection, drainage, aeration, water storage, and membrane protection in an easy to install, lightweight, long lasting, and cost effective package.


AMERGREEN 50 & 100 products provide a physical barrier to prevent or minimize  root penetration by plants with low to moderately agressive root structures.

AMERGREEN 50RS & 100 RS products provide a treated root barrier to prevent or minimize root penetration by plants with moderate to highly agressive root structures. 



The Products
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