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The Problem

On parking decks, water seepage damages lower floors and contents. Structural design requirements for height and strength make aggregate drains impractical and cost prohibitive. 

On plaza decks, water in subbase causes settlement and freeze-thaw problems.

The Solution

Sheet drain has three properties which make it ideal for parking and plaza deck drainage - light weight design, thin cross-section and high strength. Sheet drain is much lighter than aggregate and has higher flow capability than a 6"(150mm) layer of gravel. The thin cross-section requires minimum space in parking structures. High compressive strength resists heavy vehicle loading.

AMERDRAIN 600/650 prefabricated sheet drains provide the high compressive strength core required for high load horizontal applications. 

AMERDRAIN 600/650 is constructed using a formed polystyrene core with a filter fabric bonded to one side, the filter fabric is securely bonded to prevent intrusion into the core flow channels while allowing water to freely enter the drain core. The core provides an uninterrupted path for water to flow to designated drainage exits. AMERDRAIN 600 / 650 is designed to withstand the additional stress demands associated with horizontal applications.


AMERDRAIN 600 is constructed using a nonwoven filter fabric for standard soil horizontal applications where high strength and flow capacities are required.

AMERDRAIN 650 is constructed using a high strength woven monofilament filter fabric. The woven fabric creates a strong surface bridge over the dimples that eliminates intrusion of the fabric into the flow channel under load. Woven filter fabrics are better suited to receive concrete pours and function as a slip sheet for concrete expansion and contraction. The result is a longer wearing surface with reduced cracking and or potential failure.

The Products
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