Commercial Foundation Walls

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The Problem

When building a foundation wall, proper drainage is crucial due to the large amounts of hydrostatic pressure that can accumulate against the wall. Though waterproofing or dampproofing is commonly used to keep water out of basements, a drainage system is also necessary. If a drainage system is not installed and layers of soil are backfilled against the wall, water can sit in different layers of soil giving it time to find pinholes and weak spots in the waterproofing or dampproofing. With water traveling the path of least resistance, water finds these areas and finds its way into the basements. This then can cause wall failures such as blow outs or leaks and require expensive repairs and/or maintenance.

The Solution

AMERDRAIN sheet and combination drains eliminate hydrostatic pressure against foundation walls or under floor slabs, by providing a secure flow channel from grade to footer. The molded core has a filter fabric securely bonded to each dimple allowing water to freely pass while restricting soil particles.  The sheet drain is placed against the full surface area of the vertical wall and connects directly into the combination drain.  Combination drains function as a perimeter drain and are designed to handle the high flow capacity of water collected by the sheet drains.  The impervious core of both products provide protection to the waterproofing membrane during backfill and eliminates the need for a protection course. The result is a highly efficient, sustainable, cost effective system designed for long term performance.


AMERDRAIN 500/520 
 sheet drain is the is the industry leader for commericial foundation applica-tions.  It is designed primarily for vertical, one-sided sub-surface drainage applications and provides a high strength and high flow capacity, but can also be used under floor slabs.  Along with waterproofing, AMERDRAIN 500 completes the system to provide a full-coverage protection and drainage on basement and foundation walls.   The core side of AMERDRAIN 500 is placed against the wall surface of a foundation, retaining wall or other similar structure.

AMERDRAIN 520 has a polymeric film bonded to the back side of the core for additional protection to soft curing membranes.

AMERDRAIN 200/220 sheet drain is perfect for light commercial, shallow depth wall applications  where moderate compressive strength and flow capacity are adequate. The core side of AMERDRAIN 200 is placed against the wall surface of the foundation, or other similar structure. AMERDRAIN 200 provides full-coverage protection to waterproofing materials.

AMERDRAIN 220 has a polymeric film bonded to the back side of the core for additional protection to soft curing membranes.

AMERDRAIN TOTAL-DRAIN combination drain replaces costly perforated pipe and stone systems. AMERDRAIN Total Drain has a unique core flange designed to connect directly with AMERDRAIN sheet products, eliminating the need for collected water to exit and re-enter the perimeter drain.  When using sheet and combination drains as a system,  the regular sheet drain performs its normal function of water collection, while the TOTAL-DRAIN section provides high volume water collection and transportation of collected water to the designed drainage exits.

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