Blindside Wall

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The Problem

Blindside walls are a common construction method in large cities where there is limited space for excavation.  Low permeability soil layers can trap and create hydrostatic pressure against the wall and over time, find and exploit imperfections in the waterproofing that can require expensive repairs.

The Solution

Prefabricated drains are ideal for blindside applications due to their low profile, high flow effiency. Limited excavation is required while a flow capacity many times that of aggregate is acheived.

AMERDRAIN sheet drain and TOTAL-DRAIN provide an uninterrupted flow path from grade to footer, eliminating hydrostatic pressure against the structural wall.   

  AMERDRAIN 200 / 220 are typically used for applications where moderate strength and flow are required.

AMERDRAIN 500/520 are the industry standard for commercial  applications where high compres-sive strength and flow capacity are required.


AMERDRAIN also acts as a protection course for waterproofing applications. 


AMERDRAIN 220 and 520 are constructed with a polymeric film that provides additional protection for soft curing membranes. 

The Products
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