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AWD offers a complete line of fittings that transition collected water to standard PVC pipes.

The Problem

Natural turf athletic fields need efficient drainage systems to evacuate water quickly, allowing more time on the playing field and eliminating saturated soil conditions that can cause injuries and/or damage to the turf system. Existing natural turf fields with drainage issues due to no, inadequate, or underperforming drainage systems require remediation to eliminate these issues.

Existing field remediation using pipe and stone trench drains can be costly and requires major site disturbance. Pipe and stone drains require large quantities of aggregate. Transportation of materials, equipment requirements and the labor to unload and spread materials are costly. Additional costs are incurred removing high volumes of excavated soils from the site.


The Solution
Better Drainage - Half the Cost
- Reduced excavation space - Limited site disturbance
- No heavy equipment required - Easy to handle & install
- Lightweight materials - Reduced Transportation Cost
- High percentage open area for water collection
EXCLEDRAIN 70% vs. Perforated Pipe 3%
- No select backfill required for vertical installations


EXCELDRAIN Strip Drain is a cost effective, sustainable and highly efficient alternative to costly pipe and stone drainage systems. The three-dimensional molded core is fully wrapped with a needle-punched nonwoven geotextile filter fabric. The fabric retains soil particles while allowing water to freely enter the drainage core. The high percentage of recycled content provides a green and sustainable solution for long term drainage performance.


The Products


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