Bioretention / Bioswale

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The Problem
Stormwater management plays a crucial role in land development design. In urban and commercial land development stormwater is more inclined to become contaminated with pollutants from the surrounding environment. 
Bioretention/Bioswale systems are stormwater infiltration systems that provide a sustainable solution to removing and containing much of the pollutants from the stormwater. Many of these infiltration systems utilize a subsurface drainage system to help direct collected water to the local stormwater system or back to the environment. 
In some cases the depth of the infiltration system is limited by existing utility lines or seasonally high groundwater levels. Failure to design an adequate infiltration layer can result in less efficient contaminate removal from the stormwater.
The Solution

SITEDRAIN geocomposite strip drains are engineered to provide predictable high performance collection and direction of subsurface water.  The formed polymer core encapsulated in a bonded geotextile filter fabric retain base materials and other particles while allowing water to freely enter the drainage core and convey to designated outlets.

SITEDRAIN geocomposite strip drains do not require an aggregate embedment layer for strength as perforated pipes do. This allows for a lower profile thickness of the infiltration layer resulting in less excavation while providing a more efficient collection system.

SITEDRAIN geocomposite strip drains can be installed horizontally with minimal equipment to minimize disruption, accelerate installation and save on installed cost.

The Products
SITEDRAIN Strip Series products are manufactured in 6,000 PSF or 9,000 PSF compressive strength options, and are available with geotextiles meeting AASHTO M 288-06 specifications insuring high performance and high survivability for the most demanding civil construction conditions.

SITEDRAIN Strip Series is an engineered, value based alternative to traditional pipe and stone drainage systems.  It provides a significantly higher collection rate, comparable flow rate and increased ease of handling and installation without the cost and aggravation of stone.


AWD offers a complete line of fittings to connect your engineered geocomposite drainage system to traditional conveyance pipes.





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