American Wick Drain has provided innovative yet economical drainage solutions for the commercial industry for over 25 years. Over the years, residential builders have found our product beneficial to use as well and have incorporated our product into building homes and neighborhoods. In the age of Do-It-Yourselfers, we now want to educate you, the homeowners, on how our products work and how they can be used to help your drainage problems.



The most important characteristic of any sub-surface drainage system is its ability to collect water from the surrounding soil. The water has to be collected before it can be drained away. Since historic times, civil engineers have used crushed stone or a combination of stone and pipe for soil drainage. Although this method provides satisfactory results, it has some major limitations when compared to prefabricated systems.

  • Limited Collection Capacity - Pipe has small slits to admit water -approximately 3% open surface area
  • High Material Costs - Stone has to be transported to the jobsite
  • Zero Waterproofing Protection - Sharp stones can puncture waterproofing
  • Labor Intensive - Highly dependent on skillful installation



How it Works - American Wick Drain has manufactured a system consisting of two parts:

  1. • The non-woven filter fabric which replaces the stone's function of water collection and allows water to pass freely. Designed with total fabric coverage, our products offer 80% open surface area for water collection.
  2. • The formed plastic core replaces the perforated pipe, transporting the collected water to designated exits.

With this two part system, the prefabricated drainage system can collect water more efficiently than through stone (or the voids between the stone) or a perforated pipe which only has 5% open space. The core has more than enough flow capacity to handle water flow from the soils and surrounding area. The following benefits are just a that make prefabricated drainage products more homeowner friendly:

  • Excellent Collection Capacity- Approximately 80% open surface area
  • Cost Effective - No transportation costs in hauling materials to the jobsite
  • Excellent Waterproofing Protection - Prevents Punctures during backfill
  • Easy to Handle and Install - No slope/ pitch required


AKWADRAIN Soil Strip Drain

Akwadrain Soil Strip Drain is ideal for drainage around foundation walls, floor slabs, patios, driveways and gazebos, just to name a few. It also makes an excellent trench drain alternative, replacing pipe and stone drainage systems. AKWADRAIN Strip Drain is effective in eliminating the problem of standing water in low lying areas of residential yards and landscaping. Fittings are also available to help install AKWADRAIN Strip Drain with ease. Akwadrain Soil Strip Drain is listed as an approved alternative to pipe & stone drainage system within the International Code Council for Residential Building (ESR-1107).

AMERDRAIN Soil Sheet Drain

Amerdrain Soil Sheet Drain is designed for use on all exterior foundation walls, retaining walls and also under floor slabs. Water build-up at any point on a structure creates excess pressure that can cause leakage or structural damage. Providing a continuous channel for water along the structure eliminates these risks. The design of our products allows more water to be collected and transported than pipe and/or stone. They require less space to install, resulting in reduced labor and site disturbance. The AMERDRAIN Sheet Drain also adds protection to waterproofing materials during backfill making prefabricated drains an even better choice.

American Wick Drain Soil Drainage System Products Deliver:

• Lower Installed Cost • High Flow Capacity
• Reduced Drainage Space • Enhanced Waterproofing Protection
• Strength and Durability • Easier Handling and Installation
• Simple Inspection

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