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Prefabricated sheet drains provide engineered drainage solutions that effectively collect and re-direct high volumes of water from large surface areas or structures. Designing a perimeter drain transportation system to handle the sheet drain high flow capacity is critical to total system performance. Traditional pipe and stone drainage systems have a restricted open area for water collection and limit the efficiency of the drainage design. 

Combination drains function as a direct replacement to perforated pipe and stone drains at the base of the structure.  The high profile core increases flow capacity at the most critical point of the drainage system. Engineered with unique core flange that connects directly to the sheet drain products, combination drains provide an uninteruppted flow channel that can transport high volumes of water more efficiently than pipe and stone.

Combination drains for single side drainage applications combine 12" of low-profile sheet drain core with 12" of high profile strip core.

Combination drains for double side drainage applications have a high profile perforated core.

AWD offers a complete line of fittings that transition collected water to designated areas.

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