US 23 Highway Resurfacing

Alcona County, MI


Michigan Department of Transportation

General Contractor:

LJ Construction



America continues to invest billions of dollars annually into maintaining and expanding its highway infrastructure system. Engineers are constantly searching for more efficient and cost effective ways to improve highway design to save money both initially and over the lifespan of the project. Extensive studies have shown that excessive water in highway base materials can cause accelerated deterioration of both flexible and rigid pavement systems.

The State of Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has been designing prefabricated Highway Edge drains as a value solution for many years. In 2009 SITEDRAIN strip highway edge drain was specified as part of their North Huron Rd., U.S. Highway 23 Resurfacing project. The installation of SITEDRAIN Strip 6418 significantly reduced installation time and resulted in minimal traffic delays.

Prefabricated geocomposite strip drains provide proven, long-term solutions for excessive water buildup in the pavement system by creating a positive and rapid drainage system for water that enters the pavement structure. The result is an efficient, cost-effective design that reduces initial costs as well as long-term maintenance costs.

Michigan Resurfacing Project

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